Make a soap saver bag and keep your things always scented!

The crochet soap saver bag is an object that we see in our family’s home since our childhood. Who knew that in time we would realize how useful and beautiful it is, right? Today we will show you that you can make one for your own home!

The soap saver bag can be used as a sachet to perfume the clothes in your drawer or even to store the soap for later use. Therefore, it is a versatile and useful object for day to day and travel.

In view of this, we recommend that you make this beautiful piece for yourself or even as a gift to people you love. It is worth saying that you can vary in colors and models!

Step by step to make a beautiful crochet soap saver bag

To help you have a beautiful piece, in this post, there is an amazing tutorial for you to make a beautiful and useful crochet soap saver bag.

soap saver bag
Types of soap saver bag for you to enjoy! (Photo: Internet)


  • 1 3,5 mm needle;
  • 2 skeins of crochet thread, one of each color;
  • silk ribbon for detail.

Way of doing the soap saver bag

Make 8 chains and close them with a low stitch to create a ring.

For the 1st first row, you must work in a circular mode with 3 chains and 3 high points. In the ring, make 4 high points and 3 chains. Repeat this procedure 3 times and then close that part with a low stitch.

After that, make 3 chains to go up to the second row. Then make 2 high points on the loop formed by the bottom row chains. Make 3 more chains and 3 high points still on that loop. Then, make 3 more chains and repeat the steps on all handles.

The next career, that is, the 3rd, will start the non-circular part of the job. From now on you will work in the round trip careers.

To start this step, you must make 3 chains to go up. On the loop of the chains, make 2 high points, which with 3 chains form 3 points. Then make 3 more chains and 3 high points on the loop.

Now, unlike the previous career, you will be making the range of highlights not in the next loop, but in the next. That is, you must jump a loop and do the next step on the next one. For that, you must make 4 chains between the fans of this career.

At the end of this career, turn the job over and do the 4th career to the 16th as shown in the graph. Then outline the piece with the line of the other color to create the highlight.

soap saver bag
Crochet pattern for making the soap saver bag. (Photo: Internet)

Repeat the same process to make the back.

When you have both parts ready, outline the job with tape, but do not close. Before that, put the soap of your choice in it. Then, close your crochet soap saver bag with the ribbon and leave a nice smell on your clothes and in the bathroom.

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