Discover how to make towels decorated with crochet!

Crochet is a very beautiful and therapeutic art. If you like this craft, did you know that it is possible to decorate your entire home with crochet? For example, have you ever imagined transforming your plain and dull bath towels into towels decorated with crochet much more charming?

For if you had not thought about this possibility, in this post we will present you with beautiful pieces that can serve as inspiration. In addition, we will bring a simple but wonderful tutorial for you!

It is worth saying that you can also make these pieces to sell. That way, you will not only beautify your home but also other people’s, earning extra money.

Inspirations of towels decorated with crochet

The towels decorated with crochet can be made in many different ways. The piece can have only one detail on the border or an application sewn in the corner. The combinations are limitless and, with the right color, you will renew all your swimwear.

Transform the classic white towel

Our first inspiration is a composition between the crochet bar and the cross-stitch embroidery. With the combination of these techniques, you will be able to transform that classic white tile into a vibrant and unique piece with shades of yellow and green.

Note that the border keeps the predominant white color, forming a type of lace around the green leaves and the yellow petal flowers in gradient.

 towels decorated with crochet
Image of towels decorated with crochet with barred and cross-stitch embroidery. (Photo: Internet)

Make the classic rose even more romantic

The pink color alone is already acclaimed for its romanticism. However, when combined with this beautiful bar, which looks like a lace application, love is not just in the air. It takes shape and texture!

The choice for a line tone that is just a little clearer that the towel was a very correct decision. Unlike the first inspiration, in this case, there is no color highlight. However, beauty and delicacy remain.

towels decorated with crochet
Image of towels decorated with crochet in pink. (Photo: Internet)

Matching towel sets

You can also replicate the crochet embroidery in the bath set. This will bring harmony to the decor. In addition, you can create different patterns for each person in the house. This way, you will be able to separate the pieces from each other and there will be no need for fights because someone took someone else’s towel.

towels decorated with crochet
Image of towels decorated with crochet in different colors. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet Towel Tutorial

To close this article with a flourish, we will present below a simple and quick tutorial on how to decorate your towel with crochet!

towels decorated with crochet
Pattern chart for towels decorated with crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Follow the chart carefully and, after making the bar of the size corresponding to your towel, secure it with low points. You can also sew the two pieces together with a tapestry needle and crochet thread. That way, you will have beautiful towels decorated with crochet.

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