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Fall for these crochet garlands for Christmas!

Christmas is coming soon, so many people have already thought about the decoration. In the end, all of us want a colorful and cozy house starting with our entrance, don’t we? For this reason, it is a great insight to invest in crochet garlands.

These decoration pieces help us to convey the Christmas spirit, not only for those who celebrate with us but for whoever passes by our homes.

So, enjoy the beautiful and unique pieces you can make with crochet. Start making yours today!

Crochet garland

There are many crochet garlands models and types. Thinking about it, we have brought here not only inspiration models, but also a simple and easy tutorial for you.

crochet garlands
Crochet garland images (Photo: Internet)
crochet garlands
More Christmas garland images. (Photo: Internet)



  • 4 mm hook (code G in the USA);
  • white and red color twine number 8;
  • 150 grams of resin to stiffen crochet;
  • 1 plastic bag;
  • scissors
  • glue gun;
  • Christmas decorations of your preference;
  • 1 dinner plate.

Directions to make crochet garlands

Using the white twine, make 50 ch and close them with sc at the first point to make the shape of a circle. Make 3 ch and rise to the next round. Then make 1 dc and a ch at the next point. Continue with 1 dc and 1 ch until the end of this round.

Close this round with an sl st in the third ch you have made to rise.

In the next round, using the white yarn, make sc in the first ch. Next, jump 2 dc points of the base and make a dc inside the ch, which separates the second and third stitch.

In this same space, you should make 4 dc points separated by a ch, and after the fourth stitch, make 3 ch. In this same space, make 4 more dc points and 1 ch between them. Jump more 2 dc points and make an sc at the ch made to separate the dc points.

This way, you will have just made the first piece fan. Follow the same process until the end of this round. Finish with an sl st in the same place you have started.

Switch yarn and make sc points for the whole piece. When you reach in the fan’s middle (the 3 ch that are dividing the 8 points) make 1 sc, 5 ch, and another sc point close to the previous. So, you will have created a little nozzle.

Finish this step with an sl st. Cut the yarns and cast-off the leftovers.

To resemble a ribbon, make 70 ch using the red yarn or another color, and pass it between the dc points from the second round.

Finishing time!

Now let’s stiffen the piece! For this, you should cover the dish with the plastic bag and put the resin on the two crochet sides. The piece will seem like a “modeling clay”, so you have to shape it on the dish and let it dry.

After the garland is dry, stick a twine using the hot glue, to hang it on the door. In the end, add the Christmas decorations.

Okay, your type of crochet garlands will be perfect! From then, you will be able to receive all your friends for the Christmas party.

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