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Free owl crochet hat Pattern

From the depths of winter, a snowy owl crochet hat hat lights up our heads with its sweet melodies. A simple take on my original design but with some fun additions that make it even more adorably unique! With just one wire pet brush you can have this little guy looking furry and fluffy in no time at all–perfect for those freezing cold days when playing outside is out of the question.

Owl crochet hat
owl crochet winter hat

Anyone can wear a free owl crochet hat

It’s gender neutral as well so everyone will want to wear their new crochet owl hat around town – especially kids who don’t need another part unwearable from injury by other play equipment or being stepped on during recess.

To crochet, you need to know how to read a crochet pattern. There are many crochet patterns found online through various websites and crochet magazines. Nowadays there are also crochet apps that have the instructions for crochet projects in them as well!

– Use symbols on your free owl crochet hat

instead of words when writing out your pattern – You can make things easier on yourself by using abbreviations or even drawing pictures if needed which is common practice with some free crochet patterns.

– Another tip

would be not to use too much text within your written project instructions because then it will confuse people who want to follow along with the instructions.. The person following along should easily able to understand what they’re doing without having their head spinning around trying figure things out from all the detailed information.

Lets started to make this owl crochet hat:

Notice the ear on the right has been brushed out. You will have yarn leftover in the bush. I like the fuzzy look for this hat. After you brush it, feel free to trim with scissors to create a more shapely look.

owl crochet hat

Sew on the eyes by taking your tapestry needle and weaving the long tail underneath the grey SC stitches. It helps to slightly overlap the two eyes when stitching them on. Then when you add the nose, sew it on so it slightly overlaps the bottom of the two eyes.

owl crochet hat

Take individual strands of white yarn and knot them around the HDC stitches in between the top of the eyes. When you have several all clumped together, you can begin to brush them out. Trim to your liking!

owl crochet hat

And that’s it! A simple snowy design! I have a feeling Harry Potter fans will like this one too 🙂 You can find the complete pattern and materials for the Snowy crochet owl hat HERE.

I am excited to show you this adorable handmade Halloween costume! Based on the classic fairytale, this Little Red Riding Hood Cape is the perfect crocheted costume accessory. Made with simple SC stitches this piece works up quickly and is great for beginners!

I used Bernat super value yarn in berry! The worsted weight yarn paired with the hooded cape design will keep your little ones warm while trick-or-treating!


When joining in new yarn or changing color, continue in the working yarn until two loops of the last stitch remain in the working yarn or color.


If you are working whole rows in different colors, make the change during the last stitch in the previous row, so the new color for the next row is ready to work the turning chain.


If you are working a narrow stripe pattern, instead of cutting off the old color or yarn, carry it loosely along the side of the fabric so that it is ready to pick up again the next time it is needed. For wide stripe patterns, it is usually best to cut off the old color or yarn, leaving a 6″ end for weaving in. Longer carries, also called “floats”, are easily snagged.

Hope you made a nice owl hat!!

if you want to see more patterns click here !

Free crochet patterns
Free crochet patterns

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