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Decorate your home with a crochet pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is coming and, for this reason, many people have already started to think about the decoration they will make in their home. If you are one of those people, have you thought about making a crochet pumpkin for Halloween?

With this ornament, your home will have a unique decoration and be full of charm. Not to mention that you can make your pumpkins to give as a gift to someone and, who knows, maybe even sell.

Crochet pumpkin for Halloween

With this crochet pumpkin for Halloween tutorial, we guarantee that you will rock your home decor.


  • Skeins of orange and green lines;
  • crochet needle;
  • tapestry needle;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic blanket for filling.
crochet pumpkin for Halloween
Here’s how to make a crochet pumpkin for Halloween! (Photo: Internet)

Tutorial to make a crochet pumpkin for Halloween


  1. With the orange thread, make a magic ring and 8 sc inside it. Then close this step with a very low stitch.
  2. At all base points, make an increase totaling 16 sc.
  3. In the next round, you must do 1 sc and, after that, do 1 inc. Repeat the same procedure all the way around, totaling 24 sc at the end of the row.
  4. Make 1 sc at each base stitch all the way around and so you get 24 sc.
  5. In the fifth career, you must do 1 inc every 2 sc. in the end, you will be left with 32 sc.

6 to 11. In this round, you must do 1 sc at each base point of the previous round.

  1. Make 1 dec in which 2 sc, totalizing in 24 sc.

13 and  14. now make 1 sc in which base stitch, finishing 24 sc.

  1. Following, make 1 dec in which 2 sc, finalizing this step with 18 sc;
  2. This round, do the same amount of stitches as the previous row.
  3. Now decrease all round stitches, that is, finish this part of the job with 9 stitches.

Then finish off that part and close the hole.

Insert the orange thread with the help of a tapestry needle at the beginning of the magic ring and exit through the middle of the 17th row. Do this by pulling the string tightly to mark the pumpkin’s bud. Repeat this step 6 times, leaving a uniform spacing every 6 stitches.

Handle of the crochet pumpkin for Halloween

  1. With the green thread, make a 5 sc magic ring.

2 to 4. Make sc all the way around, thus having the same 5 stitches of the previous row.

  1. Make 1 inc all the way around taking the back loop of the stitch, totaling 10 sc.
  2. On this row, make 10 sc as in the previous one. Then finish off by leaving a thread and sew the top of the pumpkin.

Using this tutorial as a basis, you will be able to create larger pieces of different colors. In addition, you can add more ornaments (who knows, eyes).

The important thing is to use your imagination and make your crochet pumpkin for Halloween!

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