Learn how to make a beautiful crochet bag!

Handbags are indispensable items for women at various times. They can be large, small, square, circular and wallet-shaped. The important thing is that they have one. Even better is when this accessory is charming like a crochet bag.

Such handbags are elegant, look great in any situation and are unique pieces. In view of this, know that you can make your looks beautiful by learning how to make them. In addition, you can earn money by selling your pieces.

Crochet purse tutorial

The tutorial of crochet bag that we will present in this post is easy and elegant. But first, see some inspirations below for you to get even more excited.


  • 1 skein of thread for crochet or string;
  • One crochet needle nº 2,5 mm;
  • 1 pair of eco leather handles;
  • if you want to cover, separate a fabric from the final size of the bag.
crochet bag
Picture of crochet bag types. (Photo: Internet)
crochet bag
Examples of crochet bag. (Photo: Internet)

Way of doing

  1. Make a starting knot and 43 ch;
  2. For the first round, make 3 more ch (which will serve as the first high point). Then, make a high point at the point following the 3 little chains you just made. After that, continue doing 1 high point for each point in the chain.

At the last chain stitch, do 8 high stitches in that single space. These points will create a half circle. This way, you will return to the same current, but opposite the points you had made. After that, make a high point for each previous point.

Make at the last point of the chain (the beginning of the three chains you made to climb) 7 high points and end this career with a very low point to create the base of the bag.

  1. For the second row, you must make three chains to go up. Also, make a high point for each point in the previous row until you get to the end loops. In these rounds, you will make 1 high point at the base and one in the space between the low points.

Finish this step with a very low stitch in the first stitch.

  1. In the third career, you must follow the same process as the previous one. This way, you will increase the laps.
  2. Make 5 rows without increasing, that is, make 1 high point for each high point of the previous row.
  3. For the next careers that will make up the middle of the scholarship, you should follow the chart below:
crochet bag
Graphic of a beautiful crochet bag. (Photo: Internet)
  1. After reaching the desired size, make 8 rows of low stitches to finish the piece.
  2. Next, sew the lining and handles.

This crochet bag looks beautiful and will accompany you in different situations. In view of this, do not waste time and do yours today!

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