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Rock when making a crochet mask!

2020 has been a year of many changes and concerns. Unfortunately, there is a pandemic happening, and care for our protection has increased. With that in mind, we can use crochet to protect ourselves. For example, how about making a crochet mask?

They are beautiful and functional. In addition, you can create several different templates. In fact, have you seen the ones that imitate animals? There are no limits to your imagination!

You can make masks for yourself, for children, for friends, and even to sell. Considering that this object is a worldwide need, you can invest money and time so that more people have access to quality and beautiful piece.

crochet mask
Discover how to make a crochet mask! (Photo: Internet)

Crochet mask tutorial

In this post you will have access to two graphics, one for a crochet mask for adults and one for children. Both are simple and the investment for their composition is low.


  • Ball of cotton crochet thread of great quality. Remember that the quality of this piece is essential. After all, your mask will have to be washed every time you use it. Consequently, if the thread is bad, the mask will come apart;
  • 2.5mm crochet hook. Choose a needle that is comfortable, because even if it is a small piece, you need to take care of your hands;
  • cotton fabric for the inner part of the mask.

Stitches Used

For this work we will use only 4 different stitches:

  • current stitches;
  • low stitches;
  • high stitches;
  • lowest stitches for finish.

Execution of a crochet mask

Follow the chart correctly for both the adult and children’s mask. It has color differentiation and, therefore, you can make a composition of tones and make your mask even more charming.

crochet mask
Mask graphic for children. (Photo: Internet)
crochet mask
Mask chart for adults. (Photo: Internet)

At the end of the crochet work, you should cut a rectangle on the fabric twice the size needed for the inside. Fold this fabric and sew it. This will increase your protection against the virus and help you to clean the object.

Remember: whenever you use your mask, be careful to wash it following all the necessary protocols for its real hygiene!

The crochet mask is very charming and, above all, functional. After all, it will really protect you. So, we recommend that you do not waste time and start yours, those of your family, and those that you will do to sell.

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