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Make a crochet bikini and enjoy your vacation!

Crochet is a great technique to make the most varied pieces of clothing. After all, you can make beautiful models for any season. In view of this, how about getting ready for the summer by making a beautiful crochet bikini? It’s really worth it!

Can you imagine having a bikini of each color when you enjoy your vacation? So get out of your imagination with this beautiful project.

To help you in this endeavor, we have prepared an incredible tutorial for you!

crochet bikini
Know how to make a crochet bikini! (Photo: Bikinishe)

Crochet bikini size M

This crochet bikini tutorial is spectacular and you will love it. Here is the main information!


  • 2 skeins of cotton crochet thread;
  • 1 2.5mm crochet hook;
  • 1 pair of beige or colored bra cups;
  • fabric to cover the bulge and panties.

Step by Step

You must follow the chart correctly to produce a beautiful piece. To make it easier, follow our brief explanation of the project.

crochet bikini
Top and bottom crochet bikini graphics. (Photo: Internet)


Start the piece with 16 chain stitches, make 3 more chains and go up to make the first row. In this career he makes 18 high stitches, one career plus 19 high stitches.

For the second row, you must do 3 little chains, 20 high stitches, one chain and 21 high stitches again.

Until the ninth row, follow the directions in the chart. After that, outline the piece with very low stitches. At the end, make 1 row with, at each high stitch, a chain at the bottom of the bowl and finish. Repeat the entire process to create the other bowl.

For the strings that attach the bikini to the neck, it is necessary to make 50cm of chain for each side and fasten them on top of the cups. For the side chain, run 132cm of chains and pass it through the high points made below the bowls.


Start the panties with 12 chains. For the first row, do 3 chains and 11 high points and, in the second, do 13 high points. Then follow the graph. Repeat the process for the back and join the two sides for the smaller base with very low stitches.

For the string of the panties, make a chain of 142cm to loop the waist.


Once the crochet pieces are finished, you should cover the bra cups with a fabric and sew them delicately in the crochet cups.

For the bottom of the panties you should sew a small rectangle of folded fabric. That done, you will rock this crochet bikini in the summer!

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