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Enjoy the cold and make crochet earmuffs!

The cold is coming and we all want to be warm. But do you remember to protect all parts of your body? Because we want to help you make your crochet earmuffs. So, you will be really ready for any temperature.

The crochet piece, besides being functional, is a fashion item. Not to mention that crochet gives you the freedom to modify and create unique pieces. Can you imagine a protector for each look?

It is worth remembering that this work can be adapted to your needs. That is, you can make a smaller model for your children or a larger one if you want one for yourself. The truth is that the options are limitless!

crochet earmuffs
Here’s how to make crochet earmuffs! (Photo: Internet)

Crochet earmuffs step by step

The crochet earmuffs are very simple to make and you will use very few materials. However, even though it is easy, you need to make the piece with care and concentration so that it is perfect.


  • Good quality crochet thread;
  • 3.5mm crochet hook or the size needed for your thread;
  • silicone fiber for filling.

Abbreviations used

  • rd = round;
  • MR = magic ring;
  • ch= chain;
  • sl st = slip stitch;
  • sc = single crochet;
  • hdc = half double crochet;
  • dc = double crochet;
  • inc = increase (2 stitches on the same base stitch);
  • dec = decrease (1 stitch and skip the other one, in other word 2 stitches together).

Step by step to make crochet earmuffs

  • MR;
  • L1 – hdc, close with a slip stitch in every chain;
  • L2 – 3ch, 10 inc in dc;
  • L3 – 3ch, (1dc, 1inc) x10;
  • L4 – 3ch, (2dc, 1inc) x10;
  • L5 – 3ch, (3dc, 1inc) x10;
  • L6 – 3ch, (4dc, 1inc) x10;
  • L7 – 3ch, 60dc;
  • L8 – 3ch, 28dc, skip 4 stitches, 4ch, 28dc;
  • L9 – 3ch, (4dc, 1dec) x10;
  • L10 – 3ch, (3dc, 1dec) x10;
  • L11 – 3ch, (2dc, 1dec) x10;
  • L12 – 3ch, (1dc, 1dec) x10;
  • L13 – 3ch, 10dec.

Fill with fiber to make it fluffy and warm. After that close with a slip stitch and fasten off. Then, repeat the same process for the other side.

When the sides are finished, it’s time to make the bow to finish the piece. To do this, use a hair bow and attach each side of the piece to one end of the bow with a seam or permanent glue. You can also cover the bow with low points.

See how easy the crochet earmuffs are? Don’t waste time and already do yours.

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