Crochet cushions to decorate different environments

Crochet cushions may be made to decorate different environments. Although most cushions have a common format, we will show you some enthralling inspirations to sharpen your creativity.

Ah, crocheter, don’t leave this post without finishing reading. After all, at the end of this post, there is a chart with a cushion model pattern for you to learn!

Crochet cushions: know the most traditional models

The most traditional crochet cushion models are the squares. What you can do to differentiate your pieces is to change the colors and materials of the lines. Besides, you can make different points. In the first example below, the twine cushions match pastel hues of blue and pink.

crochet cushions
Crochet cushions images (Photo: Internet)

However, in the second image above, the cushion is handcrafted with cotton line and closed stitches. It is possible to see the combination of three different types of blue instead of a single color.

There is also how to make a more traditional crochet cushions model with more vibrant hues. The colors yellow, red and orange bring joy to the environment. Observe in the images below that the points are different from the previous creations.

crochet cushions
Vibrant colors crochet cushions images. (Photo: Internet)

Round crochet cushions with flowers

Although the square models are the most found, there are also the round cushions. Most of them bring the flowers theme in their compositions. In this first example, observe that the crochet stitches create flower petals.

crochet cushions
Imagens of crochet cushions with flower shapes. (Photo: Internet)

In the second inspiration, it is necessary to create six equal parts to form the flower petals. Besides, it is essential to make a small circle to form the core. Notice that throughout the handcraft, the crochet stitch is the same.

Different crochet cushions shapes

However, if you have the intention of innovating, you need to know these different shapes. The starfish cushion is lovely! The models below were handcrafted with the knit yarn. Apart from the crochet compose the piece, its details bring two different types of textures.

crochet cushions
Images of cushions with different shapes. (Photo: Internet)

For the baby bedroom decoration, the animals have been a recurrent theme. This way, you may trust in your skills to create different pieces. In the ideas below, we have a fox face cushion and another one with a bear face.

crochet cushions
Tiny stuffed animals face cushions images. (Photo: Internet)

Learn how to make a nautical yarn crochet cushion

If you want to learn how to crochet this beautiful nautical yarn crochet cushion, follow the instructions on how to make it. Using a 5 mm hook (H code size in the USA), you can produce this square cushion, that measures 40 x 40 cm. To make it, only two nautical yarn balls are used.

crochet cushions
Crochet cushion chart. (Photo: Internet)

As you can see, the stitches of the little ball look like popcorn, making the cushion beautiful and different. Follow carefully the chart to nail this type of crochet cushions and your next ones.

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