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Inspirations for crochet table placemat

Do you know what crochet table placemats are? These accessories are used on the table to support dishes and glasses. It is important to understand that the crochet table placemat makes the house more sophisticated. This because crochet makes these pieces more personalized.

In view of this, we recommend that you consider crocheting an accessory like this. To help you in this sense, we will present some ideas that will serve as inspiration. As if this were not enough, at the end of this post we will still bring the chart of a piece for you to learn!

Matching the colors of your piece with the dishes

As much as there today are infinite options of table placemat, it is easier to customize it with the crochet technique. Once you already have your dishes, you can create original models and combinations that match them.

In this sense, if your idea is to sell them, talking to the client makes your creation even more unique. In the following inspiration, notice that the crochet table placemat is only pink and not have many details so as not to differ from the blue dishes.

crochet table placemat
Crochet table placemat images. (Photo: Internet)

However, you can think of more neutral colors to make your pieces more versatile. In the second image of the picture above, the tone of the table placemat is more basic, matching with the cream tone of the dishes. Regarding the format, the idea was to create a rectangular set.

Still thinking of more neutral tones, white is a go-to color. This color matches basically with everything! See how the first piece in the photo below stands out on a wooden table.

crochet table placemat
White table placemat. (Photo: Internet)

In the second example, we want to highlight also the variety of crochet stitch that make up the piece. Note that the edges have the most open stitch while the center has the most closed stitches.

Crochet table placemat with other objects

We also want to introduce you to other inspirations to make your crochet table placemat. Know that matching the pieces with other objects can further value your work.

In this inspiration, the table placemat is made with twine. The cast-off is performed with a tape, which makes the piece more elegant.

crochet table placemat
Images of decorated table placemat with objects. (Photo: Internet)

You can also increase your table placemat with pearls. Notice, in the second image of the picture above, that, in this inspiration, the pearls stand out with the color pink.

Now if you like the most classic style, white never goes out of fashion. Thus, the combination with pearls makes the piece more refined.

crochet table placemat
Images of table placemat with pearls. (Photo: Internet)

Now it is your turn: make a piece

To finish, we want to leave the next inspiration with a graphic. So you can have a crochet table placemat in your own house!

crochet table placemat
Table placemat chart. (Photo: Internet)

Having a beautiful chart like this, don’t waste more time and make your crochet table placemat right now!

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