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2 crochet bikini models for you learn

We know that summer is still far away, but it would be good for you to learn ways to earn money in this season right now! That’s why we will show you two different crochet bikini models. With them, you can also inspire yourself and standardize your own pieces.

For you, who loves to make crochet and want to test your skills, the bikinis are excellent pieces! So, come and check these models.

Mermaid bikini

This bikini is so cute! As the name says, the reference you need to do this model is the bra’s style used by the mermaids. Observe that its shape reminds a shell.

crochet bikini
Mermaid type crochet bikini pictures (Photo: Image)

This bikini has its elegance, but don’t worry! This model does not require many skills to make. It is very simple! To learn the pattern, check out the following charts.

crochet bikini
Mermaid style crochet bikini chart. (Photo: Internet)
crochet bikini
Nozzle 2 and strip chart to tie charts. (Photo: Internet)
crochet bikini
Bikini panties chart. (Photo: Internet)

Cropped bikini

The cropped model is a fever that has greatly pleased women. Its bra has greater support, which can make the leisure time on the beach or in the pool more comfortable. In the models below, the panties are also bigger and have details.

crochet bikini
Cropped model. (Photo: Internet)

Have you ever thought about a colorful cropped bikini model? Know that crochet versatility allows you to vary in colors and details. Therefore, it is necessary to have a model pattern. But don’t worry! With the following charts, you learn how to make it and may inspire yourself to customize it your own way!

crochet bikini
Cropped style bikini chart (Photo: Internet)

Attention to the lining to make crochet bikini

Now you have two patterns from two different crochet bikini models. However, it is necessary to pay attention to other important details. One of them concerns the lining. As the crochet may have opened stitches, the bikini may become transparent and show details of the intimate area.

That’s why we advise using lining in your creations. This way, you and your customers will be able to feel safer when you were using the bikinis. One option is to use neutral colors for them not to differ so much from the pieces. White, black, and nude shades suit very well.

However, if you prefer, you can use your creativity to mix the colors. Bet even on transparency to create unique pieces!

Crochet bikini with bulge make a lot of difference

Another detail that counts a lot when you are creating the bikini is the bra’s bulges. The pieces have great support with them. Moreover, the bulges in bra bikinis empowering you for shaping better your breasts.

Although the bulges make a difference, it is better to seek specific options for a bikini or a swimsuit for you. Because of the contact with seawater or swimming pool water, nobody wants their crochet bikini to become heavy, don’t they?

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