Keep warm after making this crochet ear warmer

Temperatures are getting lower and lower! At such times, few things are more useful and delicious than a crochet ear warmer. Fortunately, pieces like this can be used by anyone of any age.

The best thing about this accessory is that it is so versatile that it can be made of several models and colors. In addition, although it is extremely functional in winter, it can be used in any season.

Thinking about it, why don’t you make your own crochet ear warmer? In this post, we will present several inspiring versions and a simple and quick tutorial. That way, you can make yours and use it today.

Crochet ear warmer tutorials and inspirations

You can make pieces with embroidery:

crochet ear warmer
Types of crochet ear warmer with embroidery. (Photo: Internet)

Or plain pieces:

crochet ear warmer
Types of crochet ear warmer without embroidery. (Photo: Internet)

If you want, you can make versions for babies:

crochet ear warmer
Types of crochet ear warmer for babies. (Photo: Internet)

Now see the model that we will teach you:


  • Ball of knitting thread;
  • 5 mm needle.

Step by Step

To start your ear warmer, you need to measure the circumference of your head. After that, make 15 little chains and insert the needle in the 2nd ch to start the first round. Then, sc until the end of it.

After the last sc, make a tea and turn the job over.

You should follow this pattern until you reach the size of the circumference you measured. Remember that wool stretches. This way, do not make the band exactly the size of the measurement, but a little smaller. After all, it will fade over time.

Therefore, we recommend that, while making the piece, check the measurements, and stretch the piece over your head to ensure that it is not too big or too small.

If you are going to make the ear warmer to sell, make a pattern for your pieces. So, set sizes so that you can cater from children to adults.

Note: you must make a chain before starting each round, without closing the piece yet.

For the detail, first, make 7 chains and 1 slip stitch to climb, then make 10 rounds of sc. You will have to make a low of each round for each low of the previous round, as we did in the larger range.

Finally, close the round with sl st or sew it with a tapestry needle from one end to the other. This way, you will have a tube.

Then, pass the band through this tube until it is in the center. After that, join the ends of the band and connect them with sl st or sew them.

Okay, now you have your crochet ear warmer. Take the opportunity to decorate it as you like and make versions of various colors and combinations. We are sure that, besides making it beautiful, it will help you to spend this winter very warm.

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