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Crochet accessories: learn how to decorate your room

In this article, we want to show you some ideas to decorate your room with crochet accessories. Can you imagine creating unique pieces to make the place where you sleep most comfortable and cozy as possible? With these ideas, you can adapt the accessories to different styles.

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Interesting types of crochet accessories

Crochet cushions

Who said that cushion is a unique accessory for the living room is wrong. Betting on crochet cushions in different shapes and textures may create a more sophisticated room. Observe that in the first inspiration picture below there are a great variety of stitches and colors.

Crochet cushions images. (Photo: Internet)

In the second image above, the cushions have a more romantic style. The flower shape is graceful and makes the bed more beautiful, but without exaggeration.

Crochet blankets

Thinking concerning the bed, how about making crochet blankets? In the first inspiration below of crochet accessories, the blanket has the same color as the cushions, creating a special combination of blue and white. It is possible to see the pompoms detail that gives a fun finish to the composition, both in the first and second blankets.

Crochet blankets image. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet cachepots

The cachepots are very versatile crochet accessories that may be used in different environments. These little pots can be made in different shapes and yarns’ types. They are used to place plants or serve as an accessories box, keeping the objects more organized.

crochet accessories
Crochet cachepots images. (Photo: Internet)

As in the second inspiration above, you may create an overhead cachepot model to hang your plants. This accessory type is the best for green lovers and who insist on placing planting in all places of the house.

Crochet rugs

Of course, rugs could not stay out of this list!

Those which stay in the bedroom may be more classic, such as the round of the first image. Observe that the composition combines the same hue for the cushions, blankets, cachepot, and rug.

Rugs are excellent crochet accessories. (Photo: Internet)

Thinking about the most traditional crochet rug formats, the second image rug above has a darker shade. The combination has become beautiful in this bedroom most classic, all handcrafted in wood.

The following model of crochet accessories combines three different colors in this geometric shape that reminds a beehive. It is ideal for a single bedroom, for those who enjoy pastel and more delicate hues. The second image also follows the same style.


Beehive style rugs images. (Photo: Internet)

Make a beautiful type of crochet acessories

Now you have several inspirations to decorate your bedroom with different accessories. As you saw, we talked about cushions, blankets, cachepots, and rugs, all pieces made with crochet.

We will challenge you to recreate this oval rug. Its execution is simple, but it may serve you to train your skills.

crochet accessories
Crochet rug chart. (Photo: Internet)

Making this rug, you will end up becoming more confident to create different crochet accessories. So don’t waste more time and hands to work!

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  1. I have been wanting to make an oval rug but couldn’t fine one like went but not here’s this one and I will accept your challenge. I hope I can make it I start today 10/19/21. Wish me luck plz

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