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Crochet accessories to customize your bathroom

Crochet accessories are essential for those who want to give that special touch in the bathroom. This area of the house can´t be forgotten when thinking of decoration. After all, there are several ideas available and we selected the best for you. Check it and inspire yourself!

Crochet bathroom sets

Crochet bathroom sets are common stickers in the crocheters universe. But did you know that it can vary a lot in these toilet and rug items? The first model follows with the traditional flowers, but the format in ‘S’ of the rug makes it different.

Crochet accessories
Crochet bathroom sets images. (Photo: Internet)

However, if you prefer even the most classic models, the second idea of crochet accessories matches white and purple tones. There are several flowers and the tops in a triangular format.

For those who prefer a more minimalist style, the two models in twine below can be ideal for you. In the first of them, it is possible to observe the toilet paper door in the same style and colors.

Crochet accessories
More crochet bathroom sets. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet cachepots

You can also get inspired by cachepots. These crochet accessories can replace traditional plastic pots. These little pots are versatile and can serve as object holders. Thus, the bathroom gains more personality.

crochet accessories
Crochet cachepots images. (Photo: Internet)

You can also create your cachepots with meshes, as in the above cases, matching colors as in the first photo. However, it is also possible to use a single color to make the style more sober and minimalistic.

Crochet object holder

If the idea is to get out of the obvious and make better use of the spaces, this object holder fulfills these functions well. Instead of leaving the objects in the sink, you can store them in the door, saving space.

The models of crochet accessories below are matched with a wooden hanger that serves as support. The object holders have a more neutral color, besides having several divisions and details with buttons.

crochet accessories
Images of crochet object holders. (Photo: Internet)

Others crochet accessories to decorate the bathroom

If you want to focus on a decoration not so obvious, you need to know these ideas. In the first image, the objects in crochet were thought to make the environment monochrome. The green stands out in distinguished accessories, such as the bag that stores the soap. In the second image, you can see a very graceful soap holder.

crochet accessories
Images of crochet accessories for the bathroom. (Photo: Internet)

As you may have noticed, there are several ways to customize the bathroom with crochet accessories. Thinking that the cachepots are very useful objects, and that serves for various functionalities, we leave a chart for you to learn!

crochet accessories
Cachepot chart. (Photo: Internet)

If following the recipe properly, you will have a basket like this, isn’t it wonderful? Start making your crochet accessories to customize the bathroom as soon as possible.

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