Finger puppets Little Red Riding Hood crochet pattern

Finger puppets! Who doesn’t love finger puppets? I know that if you are a crocheter then you’ll probably think about making these adorable Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets. But, before we get to the pattern, let’s talk about how to make crochet fingers.

It may sound like an odd topic but it is something that comes up when people start learning to crochet and they want to make things like gloves or mittens with fingers.

The good news is that there are actually two different ways for how you can accomplish this task of adding fingers into your crochet patterns. And even better news – both methods will work just fine for this little red riding hood finger puppet pattern! So whether you’re looking for a quick reference guide you will find here!!

Finger puppets
Finger Puppets

Do you love Little Red Riding Hood?

This is a crochet pattern for  Little Red Riding Hood. It’s great fun to make them and they’re perfect for kids (and adults). If you don’t like the idea of sewing pieces together, this project might not be for you; but if you love the challenge, then here are instructions that will help you through it!

This finger puppets crochet pattern is perfect for your next project! It includes all the characters from the story, including a grandmother, wolf, and hunter. You can make them as gifts or to sell on Etsy. They’re also great for birthday parties and playdates with kids!

These finger puppets are easy to make so they’re perfect for beginners looking to expand their skills. The pattern has step-by-step instructions that include pictures of every stitch so it’s super simple to follow along even if you don’t know how to crochet yet.

Plus there are tips throughout the pattern on how to personalize your finger puppets by changing colors or adding embellishments like buttons or sequins. Once you get started making these cute little guys, it won’t be long before you have an entire collection of adorable friends!

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