Classic white dress crochet free pattern

 A Classic white dress 

We all know that crochet is a woman’s best friend.

Crochet helps keep us on trend with the latest fashion trends and has been considered as one of the top three most popular hobbies for women in America since 2013.

But what about those days when we just want to relax and not think about our wardrobe?

Well, today I’m going to share how you can make your own classic white dress using crochet!

This simple project will give you a new outfit without any effort – perfect for polishing off an evening look or even dressing up a pair of jeans and tennis shoes!

When the days are getting lighter again and we feel the first warming rays of the sun on our skin, there is nothing nicer than wrapping ourselves in light, flowing cotton:

The high quality natural fibres are a treat for our skin and give us that pleasant feeling of freshness and purity. We deliberately avoided bright colours for our new Anchor Freccia summer collection.

Classic white crochet dress
Classic white crochet dress

We wanted to fully exploit the brightness generated by the colour white

White symbolises the sum of all colours and thus complete perfection and harmony. No other colour gives us so much clarity and inner strength in our hectic daily lives.

White helps us to bring order to our thoughts and to attain an inner balance and peace, opening ourselves up to new possibilities.

There was a reason why white was considered to be the colour of joy and happiness by the ancient Egyptians.

Look forward to purist and simple design whose elegance speaks for itself and grants a daz-zling feminine aura.

No matter whether it’s small accessories or a major crochet project: you are bound to be able to find your personal favourite – as pure and invigorating as a day at the seaside.

You can download the pattern bellow!!

Let me know how this workout for you! 😉

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