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Know the types of crochet hooks

You should probably know that the essential materials for crochet are thread and needle, right? But do you know the types of crochet hooks available? We will show you how the choice of the needle is essential to do your jobs.

This is because, in the same way that the threads are more specific to make a certain type of garment, the same happens with the needles. Needle and thread need to be combined in order to avoid problems when making your crochet items (and even after they are ready).

Keep in mind, therefore, that the choice of needle needs to be compatible with the type of material and also with the thickness of the thread you will be working with. Also, be aware that the type of stitch to be worked also interferes with the choice of the needle. This way, you do not run the risk of fraying the line.

Crochet needle sizes

To find out the right size of your crochet hooks, you need to note your millimeter (mm). Note that this measurement is usually described on the needle itself. Also, note that the larger the mm, the thicker the needle.

crochet hooks
Pay attention to the sizes of the crochet hooks. (Photo: Internet)

To facilitate a better choice of the needle, many thread manufacturers indicate the size of the needle to be used on the packaging. What’s more, there are specific needles to work with each brand!

crochet hooks
There are crochet hooks that are specific to a type of thread! (Photo: Internet)

You can find these types of needles easily at craft stores. In the meantime, we suggest that you do your own crochet search on the internet. Thus, in a faster and more agile way, you will find several varieties of brands, types and prices.

Different types of materials for crochet hooks

Now that you know the importance of choice and needle sizes, you need to know the materials of the needles. The most basic and known are those of aluminum. These needles are also easier to find and are more affordable.

crochet hooks
See what the aluminum crochet hooks look like. (Photo: Internet)

There is also the version of the aluminum needles with rubberized handles. This option is interesting because it makes handling the needle more comfortable. For people who spend many hours a day crocheting, finding comfort while working is a great alternative.

crochet hooks
Meet the aluminum crochet hooks with rubberized handles. (Photo: Internet)

Another alternative found on the market is bamboo hooks. In the image below we have the hooks all in bamboo, but there is also an option of the aluminum tip.

crochet hooks
See how crochet hooks are made from bamboo. (Photo: Internet)

Did you notice how wide the variety of types of crochet hooks is? We recommend that over time, you will experience each one of them! Enjoy and make this crochet rug with a needle 3 or 3,5 mm:

crochet hooks
Make this rug using one of your crochet hooks! (Photo: Internet)

You’ll see how beautiful this rug will look! So, take one of your crochet hooks and get your hands dirty!

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