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Crochet for beginners: know the basic stitches

If you are starting out in the art of crochet, it is quite possible that you are lost. Do you know where to start creating your pieces? We will show you the basic stitches for you to start your productions with this versatile craft.

It goes without saying that knowing the basic stitches of crochet is extremely necessary. Since crochet is a combination of stitches, mastering those that are basic will facilitate the making of the pieces. In addition, your work will be more beautiful and with that respectful finish!

Many consider that there are four basic stitches of crochet. Let’s talk about each one and the importance they have. That way you will feel safer to read the recipes and develop your own pieces.

The four basic stitches of crochet

Pay attention to know the four basic stitches of crochet and its functionalities.

Current stitch (chain)

basic stitches
See what the current stitch is. (Photo: Internet)

Without knowing the current stitch it is impossible to crochet, since it is used in all pieces! Realize that as the name says, its shape has a chain shape. Because it is so important, take the opportunity to practice as soon as possible. It is worth saying that, in the recipes, it can appear as “ch”.

Low Stitch

basic stitches
Find out what the low point in crochet is. (Photo: Internet)

The low stitch is a more closed and firm stitch. It can be used alone to create your pieces like the American sets in the image. It is also a point widely used to make amigurumi. Its symbol in the recipes is “pb”.

Low Stitch

basic stitches
Understand what the very low stitch is. (Photo: Internet)

If the “sl st” symbol appears on the recipe, know that it refers to the very low stitch. This stitch is difficult to make, since it serves to amend the careers and terminations. So, unlike the low point, the very low stitch serves as a transition and finish.

High stitch

basic stitches
Understand the high stitch in crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Finally, we have the triple, which is symbolized as “pa” in the recipes. This stitch, unlike the           others, is more open. As its plot is more open, there are more spaces in the formation of the piece, as shown in the image above.

The various creations from the basic stitches

As you can see, basic stitches are essential in crochet. They also serve to make variations, such as the double triple stitch and the triple stitch  (in the case of triple). We also want to emphasize that, from the combination of these four stitches, several pieces are created.

Now that you know the basic stitches of crochet and its functions, how about starting to train? Dedicate yourself to achieve incredible results! Take the opportunity to make this low point rug:

basic stitches
Carpet chart with which you can train basic crochet stitches! (Photo: Internet)

You’ll see how you’ll be able to train the basic stitches when you do it! So, don’t miss this opportunity!

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