Produce a beautiful crochet earring!

Accessories can transform any look. In fact, a beautiful item that brings color and beauty to any combination is the crochet earring.

You can create a piece with simple and complex techniques, neutral or vibrant colors. Each choice will result in a unique object.

So, how about you create your own crochet earring and rock it in all situations?

Crochet earring tutorial

We will present below a simple and quick project, which will result in a charming crochet earring.


  • 1 pair of medium hoop earrings;
  • A ball of cotton crochet thread;
  • 1 crochet hooked 2,5 mm.

How to make

1. The first row consists of low points around the earring. In the chart below, which corresponds to a medium sized hoop earring, 38 low points were used to cover the entire circumference.

brinco de crochê
Crochet earring inspirations for you to make! (Photo: Internet)

If your earring is larger or smaller, make the total enough so that the material of the earring is not shown.

  1. In the second row, you must make a chain to go up and then three very low points on top of the 7 points of the previous row. Then, make 6 chains, skip 4 base points and make a very low point on the fifth point creating a loop.

After that, make 6 more chains, skip 4 base points and on the fifth point make a high point. Do this same process again with high point. Then make two more loops with the completion of the slip stitch.

  1. For the third and last row, you must go up 1 chain and a low point on the chain handles made in the previous row. Also do 1 half crochet, 3 crochet and 3 chains. Close these stitches with 1 slip stitch on the first chain of these 3.

Then do 1 more high point, 1 half high point, 1 low point and a very low one still on the handle. After that, make a very low stitch on the next loop and continue making the same stitches as the previous loop.

In the middle loop, do 1 very low stitch at the beginning, 1 low stitch and 1 half high stitch. After that, do 2 high points, 2 double high points and 3 chains. Continue making 1 very low stitch, to close these chains, and two double high stitches. Then do 1 high point, 1 half high point, 1 low point and 1 very low point.

In the following loops, repeat the stitches of the first two. Finish, after that, with a very low stitch and a knot. Finally, cut the remaining thread.

It is worth saying that, from this tutorial you can create beautiful combinations. The possibilities are endless.

crochet earring
Graphic of how to make a crochet earring. (Photo: Internet)

In light of this, take the opportunity to make a crochet earring for yourself and others, too! So, don’t miss the chance to look beautiful and still make money from this art!

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