Inspirations of clothes with the Irish crochet technique!

Irish crochet started to exist while Ireland suffered from the hunger crisis between 1845 and 1849. At that time, the country’s population decreased to 20% and 25% and, for economic reasons, the government decided to teach Irish crochet free of charge.

This technique is very characteristic for its income. In addition, she works the motifs separately and joins them with an extremely thin chain.

In view of this, this work is extremely elegant and delicate, pleasing those who have a classic or romantic style. Thinking about it, we brought some inspiration for you and, in addition, we talk a little about how to do this beautiful work.

The wonderful Irish crochet

This tecnique is a job that requires time, patience, dedication, as the threads used in the projects must be extremely thin. Consequently, the needle is used as well.

Because of this characteristic, this type of crochet gives us the impression that it is almost impossible to do. However, if the artisan knows how to make the most basic point of crochet – the chain – she will already have the initial basis for all the work. Then, she can join the previously prepared parts.

Most viewed works within Irish crochet

In most works with this technique, we find leaves, flowers and arabesques joined in chains that form very elegant webs. All of these drawings are done separately. They are first pinned to the mold and finally joined.

Dress Inspirations

This type of crochet dresses can be used in a variety of situations – from a wedding dress to a look for a moment of relaxation. In addition, the color combinations are unlimited, as you can see below:

Irish crochet
Images of bridal gowns with Irish crochet. (Photo: Internet)
Irish crochet
Images of short dresses with this type of crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Blouse inspirations

In addition to dresses, you can create beautiful blouses that bring a touch of elegance to any composition. Even those that were initially very simple.

Irish crochet
Images of blouses made with Irish crochet. (Photo: Internet)

Inspirations of combining techniques and fabrics

In addition to working only with Irish crochet, you have the possibility to combine techniques and materials to create your pieces.

Irish crochet
Images of a blouse made with combinations of techniques, including Irish crochet. (Photo: Internet)


As we said, this technique is made up of joints of previously made pieces. For that reason, you can also create applications that can be placed in other parts.

Irish crochet
Application images made with this crochet technique. (Photo: Internet)

Final comments on Irish crochet

The pieces we show are just initial inspirations – with the help of your imagination, the sky is the limit. That’s because you will have looks made by you that will be exclusive. For that reason, do not waste time and learn this charming Irish crochet technique.

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