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5 crochet bags ideas for you

The bags are accessories that never go out of style and are part of the garment of many women. Have you ever thought about the crochet bags varieties that it is possible to do? If not, we will show five ideas for you to inspire yourself! In addition, we will leave at the end of a chart for you to get your hands dirty!

In the manufacture of crochet bags, a material that has been widely used is the knit crochet yarn. If you don’t know, it is a waste of the industry. For this reason, its use is more sustainable. The benefit of making this reuse is to have a beautiful ally in the manufacture of new products, such as bags.

Small Round Crochet Bag

As you can imagine, the first idea we will present was made with knit yarn. This round bag model has been very sought after due to its practicality. Note the detail of the piece, such as the types of rings that connect the handles, besides the tassel. In the first photo, this more vibrant color became simply wonderful. In the second, the tone is more discreet.

Pictures of round crochet bags. (Photo: Internet)

Small Rectangular Crochet Bag

Still thinking about the small bags, this option also serves to put a few objects. It is ideal for the cinema, a walk in the park or even a walk in the shopping mall. The below models are also made with knit yarn. In the color grey and white, the piece can be matched with different shades of grey.

crochet bags
Pictures of rectangular crochet bags (Photo: Internet)

Average Rectangular Crochet Bag

Getting on to the average sizes, this next idea matches the knit yarn with chains. The silver handles made the crochet bags into more customized pieces. Thus, you can realize that it is possible to mix crochet with different types of materials.

crochet bags
Medium-sized rectangular bags images. (Photo: Internet)

Large Square Crochet Bag

The idea, in this case, is to show more traditional crochet ideas. There is no different complement than you probably have seen.

In the first example, the different cotton threads were worked on the straps in single crochet while the whole length of the piece is in double crochet. The second case shows how the square bag is ideal for compose your beach look!

crochet rugs
Square crochet bags pictures. (Photo: Internet)

Maxi crochet bag

Maxi bags are also very desired. Its size offers you the possibility of carrying multiple objects at the same time.

In the first model, it is noted the white knit yarn and a scarf, which gives a differential to the piece. See that the shape of the top reminds the letter “M” and the handles are from another material. The second case brings different colors and the material is more malleable, providing a different fit for the piece.

Images of maxi bags. (Photo: Internet)

Hands-on the needle: make your own crochet bags

Crochet bag chart. (Photo: Internet)

Now that you have seen five crochet bags models to inspire yourself, how about catch the stuff you have at home and make this bag? As we promise, there is a very interesting chart for you to practice!

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