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Learn crochet costume jewelry insights

If you, crocheter, want to vary in your pieces, have you thought about investing in crochet costume jewelry? Enjoy learning different techniques from this craftsmanship! To help you, we want to show you some insights to expand your business.

Get your lines and hooks ready because, at the end of the article, we will have a pattern!

Crochet earrings insights

Earrings are essential pieces for many people. For this reason, with this type of crochet costume jewelry, you can please different consumer profiles. The first green model has a flower shape. It matches gold and emerald colors stones details.

crochet costume jewelry
Crochet earring images (Photo: Internet)

The second image of crochet costume jewelry shows how you may bet on vibrant colors to enjoy the summer, like yellow, for example. Notice that, in this model, the cowries give the piece a very beachy and tropical style.

However, if the climate requires more elegance, the crochet earrings from the image below may meet your expectations. In the first case, the purple with a gold match in a circular shape brought sophistication to the piece. In the second, the earring shape in black and blue colors matched perfectly!

crochet costume jewelry
Sophisticated crochet earring images (Photo: Internet)

Crochet necklaces ideas

Crochet necklaces are also excellent accessories! These costume jewelry may match yarns with pearls. In the first model below, the necklace works as a choker, a more tight and delicate kind of necklace.

Crochet necklaces images (Photo: Internet)

If the chokes are tighter, the maxi necklaces are exuberant. They are larger in both length and shape. Notice the piece length in the second image above.

The following maxi necklace models work with different mandala sizes. The circles are made in different hues.

crochet costume jewelry
Maxi necklaces are excellent crochet costume jewelry. (Photo: Internet)

Crochet rings insights

The rings are accessories that most women don’t take from their hands. For this reason, adapting them to crochet techniques can guarantee success.

In the first model below, the ring covers half of the finger, at least. Besides, it becomes tight. Some prefer to use this ring type on other fingers. So, there is not an established rule. This is a matter of personal taste.

crochet costume jewelry
Crochet rings images. (Photo: Internet)

The second image shows a more traditional insight: the rings have a flower shape and also have a ring that can be worn on the fingers. We can also see the color variety: the black ring is more basic while the others have mixed yarns.

Crochet costume jewelry: make a pearls necklace

Crochet necklace chart. (Photo: Internet)

As the promise is a debt, we will leave you this beautiful crochet necklace with a pearls chart. This model has a classic style. To make it, the necessary materials are a baroque natural style yarn ball and a hook size 4 mm (G code in the USA). The pearls are also of different sizes: 2, 6, and 8 mm. So, take the opportunity to do well in crochet costume jewelry!

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