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Learn to make crochet curtains for the room

The curtains are more than mere decoration accessories. They mainly serve to block the direct light of the sun in the environment. Still, we cannot ignore that they provide a charm for a room. Crochet curtains, for example, make the rooms more charming and unique!

Because of this, we want to show you some models of curtains. In addition, at the end of the article, we will provide a pattern for you to learn. Therefore, keep an eye on our tips, crocheter!

Curtains models for the room

The first model we want to show has a more traditional cut. Note that in the first image below, the points are simpler and the piece has butterfly designs along its length.

Crochet curtains
Crochet curtains images. (Photo: Internet)

In the second model above, the curtain is made with ecru twine. It is ideal to put in a curtain rail and brings a more varied design. The points are interspersed between parts with triangles and others that serve as a transition.

In the following idea, the piece still has more neutral colors. The drawing that makes up this curtain are flowers linked to each other. Note that it has a shorter length. Thus, what stands out are its tips, which provide a different fit for the piece.

crochet curtains
Images of curtains with the differentiated fit. (Photo: Internet)

Since we quote the curtain fit, the second model above works well in this aspect. Crochet curtain with edging is a great inspiration for you. The different lengths of each of them were thought to create a peculiar effect.

Crochet curtains models to decorate

Well, as you saw, we mention that the curtains serve to block the sunlight. However, some models don´t have this function. So let’s show you some ideas for curtains to decorate the room only.

Note that the first inspiration below works the junction of colorful crochet flowers. Also notice that the length of this curtain doesn´t cover the whole window extension, only parts of its ends.

Crochet curtains
Image of curtains that serve as decoration. (Photo: Internet)

The second inspiration above also shows a curtain that works only as decoration. It brings an edging design with a very short length.

Hands-on the needle: learn to make crochet curtains

Since you got here, see a pattern for a beautiful crochet curtain. With the following charts, you can make a curtain in the size of 140 x 60 cm.

Crochet curtains
Crochet curtain charts. (Photo: Internet)

The model we indicate has the shortest length and is composed of flowers. This way, it can serve as training for when you make bigger crochet curtains. Therefore, follow the pattern guidelines to make an incredible curtain. Take this opportunity to improve your techniques.

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