how to make crochet witchy cat hat

Do you need  to learn how to make a crochet witchy cat hat for your witch costume?

When the theme for your next party is “Halloween”, you can’t go wrong with a Witch cat hat! This hat comes in four sizes, so it will fit both kids and adults. Don’t worry about the hat being made of cotton and polyester, even though it’s a very common material won’t be overheating. The quality will last for years!. You’ll love this hat because it is a great way to add some fun color to your costume!

Crochet witchy cat hat
Crochet witchy cat hat

If you’re hosting a Halloween party at home, you can use these witchy cat hats as part of the decorations. Place them around the house on tables or hang them from ceilings using fishing line or ribbon. You could also place them in front of each guest when they arrive for their seat assignments. They would look especially spooky;

This Witchy Cat Hat is the perfect accessory to complete any Halloween outfit. It’s made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn and appliques that are easy to embroider on, so it’s quick and fun to make! The hat itself comes in 4 sizes, so even baby witches can wear this adorable hat.

There’s nothing better than following a pattern, especially when it comes with colorful images of your finished product! It reminds me of my mom teaching herself how to crochet and then knitting while watching TV in college during her pregnancy with me. I love the way she’d watch these thick old VHS tapes on learning new stitches; it always made me laugh.

You’ll love how cute this withcy cat hat looks when you’re wearing it at your next Halloween party or event!

Get started today by downloanding our pattern from our website.

So you won’t have to worry about running around town looking for them before getting started.

Click on download to start the witchy cat hat pattern for free!


Free witchy cat hat pattern
Free witchy cat hat pattern



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