Cute pink crochet baby shoes

I’ve seen some baby crochet shoes and they look like the cutest things ever.

cute baby shoes
Cute baby shoes
Is your baby walking yet?

If so, you know that the next step is to figure out what type of shoes are best for their little feet. You have two options: soft soles or hard soles.

Which should you choose?

They also offer a better fit because there is no rigid material in the shoe that will restrict their movement. Hard sole shoes do not provide as much protection but they can still be an option if soft-soled ones don’t work well with your little one’s particular situation or preference. If your child is just learning how to walk, wearing soft soled shoes can help protect their developing feet from damage.

What about crochet baby shoes?

Can they really work as an option for your own child? I know you might be thinking, “but crochet is stretchy and soft-soled shoes can’t have a lot of give to them.” True. But there are other options available so don’t write crochet baby shoes off just yet. They should not be used instead of hard sole or flexible soled footwear but could certainly offer another way to protect your little one’s feet if that is what you’re looking for!


You could try crocheting the shoe with a cord inside it along the bottom which will help keep its form while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long without causing discomfort.

A difference when you crochet baby shoes

Acrylic is typically the best option because it will hold its shape better than other types of yarn (like cotton), but if your child has sensitive skin, consider using a wool blend instead which tends to be softer and more breathable or try out this crochet baby shoe pattern that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest lately!

Click in the download button to have your free pattern!

Free cute pink baby shoes pattern
Free cute pink baby shoes pattern

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