Shell stitch crochet blanket free pattern

Crochet blankets are a wonderful way to add texture and color to your home. They can be used for decoration or function, but they’re always an attractive addition! This shell stitch crochet blanket is made with simple stitches that you’ll learn in no time at all – so get out your yarn and hook and let’s get started on your new project today!

Crochet blankets add such warmth and life to any room. You can use them as decoration or even for function if the fabric is durable enough. 

The shell stitch crochet pattern will make this blanket look great while teaching you some basic stitches along the way! So grab your yarn, hook, and let’s start working on this project today.

shell stitch crochet blanket
shell stitch crochet blanket

Do you love crocheting but hate the tediousness of it?

This crochet blanket is perfect for anyone who wants to get into crocheting or just loves a good pattern.

 The shell stitch will keep you engaged and entertained while the big bold tassels at each corner give this blanket a pop of color. You’ll be able to customize this blanket in so many different ways with Caron One Pound yarn, which comes in over 120 shades!

You can use your creativity to make this crochet blanket unique by choosing any shade from Caron One Pound yarn. It’s also easy enough for beginners because there are only two stitches used throughout the entire pattern

– single crochet and double crochet! So what are you waiting for? Grab your hook and let’s get started on making our own custom-made Shell Stitch Crochet Blanket today!

Customize this blanket with any color scheme you desire! Worked as a flat panel, the shell stitch is offset with a solid border and big bold tassels at each corner. Pattern will keep you engaged with a selection of techniques including double crochet, chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and more! Show it off in your home today.

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