How to make a wonderful fall crochet table runner

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This fall crochet table runner is the perfect way to bring autumn into your home. The leaves are crocheted separately and added to an easy-to-crochet background, so it’s a great beginner pattern. You can make this in any color combination you want! It would look beautiful with red or green leaves against a cream background or even yellow and orange against a black background. This pattern includes instructions for making both leaves and the background of the runner, so you can choose which colors look best in your home. The finished product measures about 14 inches wide by 52 inches long, so it will fit perfectly on any dining room or kitchen table. You won’t find another project like it on the market today! And if you don’t already have a hook at home, we sell them here too!
fall table runner
Fall table runner

You can create an inviting atmosphere at any gathering with this beautiful crochet table runner

It’s made from 100% cotton yarn so it won’t irritate skin or snag on clothing like other materials might do. The leaves are crocheted separately and added to the background, which makes them easier than ever before to add onto your creation. And best of all, you don’t need much experience with crocheting to complete this project! Just follow our simple instructions and soon enough you’ll have created something truly unique for yourself or someone else as a gift! Make this table runner today and have the perfect setting for family gatherings all season long! Fall will be here before we know it, so get started now while there’s still time. You won’t regret making this gorgeous piece of art that will last forever as part of your home decor. Plus, when people ask where you got it from, tell them about our website!

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