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Learn how to make a crochet kitten cap!

The winter is coming and nothing better than protecting ourselves and taking care of our children. For this, nothing better than a crochet kitten cap, which in addition to warming us, is fun and delight everyone!

This playful aspect is necessary for children to feel comfortable and happy even in the cold moments. Thus, we transformed the annoying thing of having to dress with several pieces of clothing into a delicious and special time.

For this reason, in this post, we will present the step by step to make a beautiful cap.

crochet kitten cap
Find out how to make a crochet kitty hat! (Photo: Internet)

Crochet kitten cap tutorial

To make a beautiful crochet kitten cap, you will need a 5 mm needle and 3 balls of wool (a pink, a gray, and a black to do the details).

The base of the cap

For the base of the cap, use the gray skein. Start with 4 chains and close them with a slip stitch forming a magic ring. Climb 3 chains to make the first treble in the first round and make 12 more slip stitches inside this ring we made. Close the round with a slip stitch.

For the second round, make 3 more chains and an increase on each base stitch, that is, two trebles for each treble of the previous round. In the end, you will have 24 treble in that second career. Close this part with a slip stitch.

In the third round, go up 3 little chains and make an increase every two trebles of the previous round. Thus, you will total 36 treble. Finish the round with a slip stitch.

For the fourth round, make 3 little chains to go up and every two trebles make an increase. In the end, you will have 48 trebles. Close the round with a slip stitch.

In the fifth round, make an increase every 4 trebles. So you will total 60 trebles. Close the round with a slip stitch.

In the sixth round, the increase will be made every 5 trebles. That way, you will have 72 trebles at the end of the round. Close this part with a slip stitch.

For the next 4 rounds, still, with the gray thread, make 1 treble for each treble of the bottom round. After these rounds, you will have finished the gray part of the cap.

Now, splice the pink thread into the gray thread with a strong knot and make 4 more rounds in the same way. When finished, tie a tight knot after the slip stitch and hide it with the help of a tapestry needle. Also, hide any leftover thread.

The muzzle of the cat

For the muzzle of the cat, you must make a magic ring. After that, make three little chains and 4 more trebles inside the magic ring. Then, make a double treble, 4 normal trebles, 3 little chains, and finish this part with a slip stitch on the first little chain you made on the magic ring.


For the ears, you must tie a knot with the pink thread in the middle of the fourth round of the cap. From that stitch, make 3 little chains and close with slip stitch in that same round, forming a half-circle.

Then, make three little chains and give single crochet in the next round so that the ear is glued to the cap. Then make 7 trebles in the circle and finish with a slip stitch securing the work in the top round.

Make three more chains and secure that part in the next round. After that, make 1 treble for each base stitch in the first three stitches. In the 4th treble, you must make three high stitches on the same base stitch. After that, continue making a treble for each base stitch.

Finish this step with a slip stitch. Then, mend the gray thread and single crochet each base stitch that you previously made.

Repeat the process to make the other ear.


For the mouth, mustaches and eyes use a black thread and tapestry needle to embroider the designs on the cap.

Having said that, we hope you enjoyed the crochet kitten cap! Take advantage of our tip!

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