Crochet saturn baby sweater

This winter, your little one will be the cutest in town!

Get ready for some serious cosiness with this crochet baby sweater. It’s perfect for any night out on the town or just staying at home and watching movies, because it will keep them warm without being too bulky!


With colourful embellishments to match their smile they’ll be looking up into space waiting eagerly as each new star twinkles by in its own little constellation all while wearing one of my handmade creations from beginning chains stitch embroidery through adventurous cables – whatever catches your child’s fancy most that day 🙂

Crochet saturn baby sweater
Baby Saturn sweter

By using Bernat Bundle Up Yarn I was able not only make an infinity scarf but also create personalized sweaters which can then easily adapted depending what look you want so whether hes Sparkling warmth for any winter night, this crochet baby sweater will keep your little one nice and cosy.

With colourful embellishments to match their smile, they’ll be on the watch for all of those constellations! Harnessing Bernat Bundle Up yarns in basic chain stitch embroidery, you’ll be able to mix and match patterns according to your son or daughter’s style.

Crochet saturn baby sweater
Crochet saturn baby sweater

You can make this fun crochet baby sweater by following our easy-to-follow pattern that includes step-by-step instructions along with helpful photos so you know exactly what each step should look like as you go along. We even include a list of materials needed so there are no surprises when it comes time to purchase them from your local craft store.

Once completed, give yourself a pat on the back because not only is it adorable but also incredibly warm which means less trips outside during cold winter nights!


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