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Make a crochet necklace without difficulties

Crochet accessories are fashionable and, besides being beautiful, they are versatile and easy to make. So, why not take advantage of this trend and make a beautiful crochet necklace?

This accessory can be used on more formal occasions, but also when receiving friends at home. That’s because you can make combinations of stones, jewelry, fabrics, etc. All of these props will help make your piece unique.

Thinking about it, we brought you interesting inspirations and an uncomplicated tutorial for you to make a very charming necklace.

Inspirations for making crochet necklaces

The crochet necklace, as we said, is versatile. Therefore, it can be done with the most varied combinations of techniques.

Below we present some images in which you can see the combination of crochet with chains and beads. The effect of color combinations is noticeable, making the necklace a stunning accessory.

crochet necklace
Picture of crochet necklace options. (Photo: Internet)
crochet necklace
Images of crochet necklaces to inspire you. (Photo: Images)

Crochet necklace tutorial

Now that we have inspired you with these beautiful accessories, we will show you how to make a beautiful crochet necklace. Fortunately, the project is very easy and the result is magnificent!


  • Skeins of crochet thread of the colors you need to compose the piece;
  • crochet needle of size corresponding to the thickness of the chosen thread;
  • locking kit for gluing.

Step by step to make a crochet necklace

1. Make 9 little chains and close them with a low stitch in the first stitch of this row. Thus, you will form a circle.

2. Around the circle of chains, do 18 low points and finish with a very low point next to the first point of that row.

3. Then tie a very tight knot. Take care not to make a cut too close so that the stitch does not fall apart.

4. Hide the start and end threads inside the low points.

For the following rings you must follow the same steps as the first ring. However, you must make a ring within the previous one.

That way, when you make the first 9 chains, before closing them to form the circle, you must pass them inside the ring and only then finish with a very low stitch.

To make the low points around the chain, you must turn it over. This way, you will have no trouble performing this step.

The number of rings will depend on the size of the necklace you have in mind. After reaching the desired length, place the fasteners on each end.

Tip: Make rings of varying colors to create a funnier, more elegant or more neutral composition. The possibilities are limitless.

As you saw, this crochet necklace is wonderful, elegant and very easy. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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